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Justice, Rule of Law, and Peace Building

Justice, Rule of Law, and Peace Building efforts in Afghanistan are jeopardized by a series of insurgency acts which have very negatively impacted the lives and the welfare of every Afghan citizen. While there are multiple reasons behind the situation, in large part it reflects pervasive mistrust between the state institutions and citizens. The basis of a. social contract between the government and the society is extremely fragile. This weak social contract bond is caused by multiple reasons, some of which are as follows:

  • The state's inability to effectively respond to the societal conflicts between the communities, societal conflict resolution, effective upholding of the rule of law, and citizens' frustration who have not been getting the state services they deserve.
  • Over the years due to the existence of the international community and irresponsible by some sources of the flow of infinite amounts of international aid, the communities have grown some expectations that have not been met or that cannot be met with the existing level of resources, this has led to a great level of citizens disappointment with the government services.
  • While community-level structures have been established over the past two decades, they are severely under-resourced, as such these institutions cannot function the way they are supposed to function.

These and several other structural causes of fragility need to be addressed as soon as possible, to restore people’s confidence in their government and promote peace, justice, rule of law, and human rights.

Assistance for Health, Education and Development (AHEAD) is one of the few pioneer civil society organizations that has been effectively providing Justice, Human Rights, Rule of Law and Peace related services to the people of Afghanistan for more than one decade.

The overall objective of AHEAD’s Justice, Rule of Law and Peace Building areas or work is to ensure that the Afghan men and women peacefully co-exist with each other, have access to better justice, and that the rule of law institutions respect human rights and deliver services with more accountability and professionalism.

Over the past 10 years, AHEAD has implemented multiple projects across all 34 provinces of Afghanistan aimed at promoting peace, justice, rule of law and human rights in partnership with several national and international organizations.

AHEAD has been established to serve the people of Afghanistan and will continue to stand by our nation so that the Afghan citizens experience a nation-wide peace, accessible justice, functioning rule of law, and good government service delivery.

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