AHEAD Organization

Our Values

a. Independence: AHEAD is an independent civil society organization. While ensuring absolute adherence to the laws and policies of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and our donors, AHEAD remains an independent organization with no-political view with the sole purpose of serving the people of Afghanistan throughout the country.

b. Transparency: AHEAD is a transparent organization that is always honest, transparent, and accountable for our work.

c. Teamwork: We serve the people of Afghanistan through a coherent, collaborative approach, whereby our employees share the organizational objectives and thrive to achieve them collaboratively.

d. Respect: We treat our employees, stakeholders, and beneficiaries with respect, without any type of discrimination.

e. Gender Equity: AHEAD highly respects gender equity and has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of gender-based discrimination

f. Striving for excellence: We strive for excellence in meeting our objectives, donor requirement and for every service we provide to our beneficiaries.

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